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M-Inverse is a professional game developer and game outsourcing company with focus on console game, casual game and online game development through close partnerships with worldwide partners. Our missions is to provide highly professional production in game development. To accomplish this, we bring a complete range of services that are tailored to support all kind of game development. We both support our clients in creating their own IP, or to do the design and production for them.


No. Type Title
12 Press E-Zone Magzine Interview
11 Press Cyberport Press Release for Press Conference: [ Eng / Chi ]
10 Event Project Solid MOU Signing with InterServ
9 Press Ming Post Newspaper Interview
8 Press Hi-Tech Magzine Interview
7 Event Join Cybeport Incubation and Training Centre (IncuTrain Centre)
6 Website Project Solid Solid Website Lanuch
5 Press Player Online Magzine Interview/a>
4 Event New Office Openning @ Cyberport Xbox Incurbation Program
3 Event Project Solid & Blue [email protected] E3 2005
2 Event Xbox Incubation Program Winning Team Award 2005
1 Event Start Up of M-Inverse Holdings Limited !