Business of M-Inverse

The best asset of M-Inverse is our development team, which consists of both experienced PC games and console games developers. We are highly-calibrated, well-trained and have in-depth knowledge to produce high quality games. In the past two years, M-Inverse focused on establishing both leading-edge technologies such as the MCORE™ game engine as well as fresh and creative ideas in social and digital game development.

M-Inverse Services:

M-Inverse welcome any kind of cooperation or artwork and technology support on game development.

  • Full game developmet
    • iPhone Game
    • Social Network Game (i.e. Facebook, Myspace)
    • Current\Next-Gen Console Game
    • Online PC\Arcade Game
  • Programming
    • Game Engine Enhancement Services (i.e. Platform Porting)
    • Tool Kits Enhancement
    • Advanced Shader and Rendering Enhancement
    • Physics Simulation
    • Network Support
  • Artwork
    • Scene's Exterior and Interior Design
    • Concept Art Design
    • Pixel Art Animation
    • 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation and Real-time cut-scene
    • High Poly Model to support next-gen technology
  • SFX & BGM Composition